Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge presents


WHAT: Box of Socks provides clean new and used socks to homeless individuals, along with feminine hygiene products, by placing them into up to a dozen repurposed newspaper boxes around the city. The boxes are “sponsored” by individuals and businesses, and restocked as needed several times a week.  The boxes fill a gap in the social services safety net by bringing what is needed closer to the homeless population, allowing them to access what they need without having to travel, schedule appointments, etc. The boxes serve as a 7 day/24 hour pick up point to access two basic needs. In turn, we will work with these agencies to help spread the word to their clients where the boxes are located.

WHY: Clean dry socks are incredibly valuable to the homeless population. Wearing wet socks can easily cause blisters and irritations that can quickly lead to infections, and in some cases, amputations. Anyone who has ever had to wear wet socks while camping or commuting can attest to their discomfort.

HOW: We will seek out 12 businesses/individuals to serve as box “sponsors”. $750 will cover for sponsorship for 6 months, the length of the project, and the sponsor’s name will be placed onto the box, website, and listed in SM blasts.

WHERE:  OCC has begun an outreach program to enlist Dispensaries to assist with promotion, by collecting socks/feminine hygiene products and cash donations. Dispensaries will be listed on the website and in SM blasts. Our goal is to make this charitable program sponsored as completely as possible by the Cannabis industry.


To DONATE, you can visit the following dispensaries to drop off socks/tampons/pads/cash donations:    

To SPONSOR a box, contact OCC director Josh Taylor at info@boxofsocks.org